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    Bar Stools - Bar and Counter Stools

    Bar Stools - Bar and Counter Stools
    If you’re looking for extra added height in your seating or even a place to prop your feet or reach for something higher, a Bar stool or Counter Stool will prove to be essential in dining room and kitchen settings. Counter height stools are generally 24 inches to 26 inches from floor to seat, and pair best with table or counter heights that measure between 36 inches to 40 inches in height. Slightly smaller than their bar stool counterparts, kitchen Bar stool or Counter Stools prove incredibly versatile and handy for seating that fits at tables, counters, kitchen islands, and sometimes bars. Bar stool or Counter Stool height stools offer you and your guests numerous seating options that work in both formal and casual settings, adding elegance and class to your home décor that provides extra definition in your dining area. Depending on how you want to seat people and the functionality and style you’re seeking in your counter height stools, Augustine Furniture has a wide variety of counter height bar stools to choose from to suit your needs.